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Village Greene Condominiums


      Presenting a distinguished 21-unit condominium association situated strategically just off Route 9 in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Accessed via a private drive, this enclave not only offers an air of exclusivity but fosters a sense of community, providing residents with a unique and intimate living experience.

      The condominiums boast a suite of amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. A community swimming pool invites leisure and recreation, creating a focal point for social engagement within the association. Additionally, the inclusion of garage spaces ensures both convenience and security for residents' vehicles.

      A noteworthy feature of this condominium association is its reliance on a private well water system, underscoring a commitment to self-sufficiency and resource efficiency. This thoughtful approach to water management aligns with the community's dedication to providing a sustainable and resilient living environment.

      Benefiting from its strategic location, residents enjoy proximity to both the serene Quabbin Reservoir and the heart of Belchertown Center. This juxtaposition allows for a balanced lifestyle, where natural tranquility meets the convenience of essential amenities.

Condo Association Information 

Rental Limit is 4 Units. Unit must be Owner Owned for 2 years prior to leasing Unit. All Leases must be Board Approved.
Units are NOT approved for Air BNB rentals.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Insurance Agent
For Master Insurance Policy documents/questions, please contact:
Bell & Hudson Insurance Agency, Inc.
19 N . Main Street, Belchertown, MA 01007
(413) 323-9611 Ext. 110
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