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Old School Condominiums Northampton Massachusetts

For Tenants and Residents:

Q: What are KPM’s Available Properties?

If you're on the lookout for available rental properties, explore our up-to-date listings on our Rentals Page or visit our Facebook Page for the latest information. To express your interest and receive notifications when a unit becomes available, send an email to

Q: How Is Property Damage Reported?

To report property damage, owners or renters have three options. Call our office to report damage, and we'll initiate a work order with a response within 24 hours. Alternatively, report damage via email to, attaching photos. The newest method is through our Buildium Resident Center APP, ensuring a swift resolution to any issues.

Q: Where to Send and How to Make Payments?

Payments can be made via checks, cash, money orders, and most ACH payments, sent or dropped off at 2 Bay Road, Suite 100, Hadley, MA 01035. Ensure checks or money orders are made out to the property owner, not Kendrick Property Management. Residents on our Buildium Resident APP can make direct EFT payments, streamlining the process. When setting up automatic bill pay, use your last name and unit number in the account number section.

Q: Is There Emergency or Criminal Activity Occurring at the Property/Association?

For emergencies or criminal activity, contact the appropriate authorities, as we are not security, law enforcement, or medical service. Destruction of property, including common areas, should be reported to the police immediately, as reporting solely to us may yield less satisfactory results without a filed police report.

Q: How do I send an anonymous communication to my association's board?

Residents can anonymously submit feedback or raise issues by reaching out via email, phone, Buildium, or by filling out one of our contact forms. We will present these concerns to the association, maintaining anonymity and providing residents with the association's response.

Q: How are maintenance requests handled?

Maintenance requests can be called into the office during business hours or submitted via the Buildium APP at any time.

Q: What fees are associated with renting a property?

Once a property is rented and a lease is signed, there are no additional fees aside from rent and utilities as outlined in the lease.

Q: Is renters' insurance required?

While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended, and information can be conveniently shared through the Buildium APP.

Q: How is rent collected, and what are the accepted payment methods?

We accept cash, checks, and EFT transfers via our Buildium APP, providing tenants with a convenient digital payment option from their mobile devices.

Q: What is the process for renewing a lease or moving out?

Tenants will receive an intent to renew their lease via email or mail three to six months before the end of their lease.

For Potential Clients:

Q: What services are included in your property management package?

Our property management services encompass a range of offerings, including marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting. We can also customize services based on specific needs.

Q: How do you handle communication with property owners and tenants?

We ensure transparent and effective communication through regular updates, online portals, and responsive customer service.

Q: Can you customize your services based on my specific needs?

Yes, we can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of property owners and associations.

Q: What technology or software do you use for property management?

We utilize Buildium and other advanced software solutions to streamline property management tasks and enhance communication.

Q: How do you stay updated on local rental market trends?

We stay informed about local rental market trends through regular market analysis, networking, and staying connected with industry resources.

About Kendrick Property Management

Q: What sets your property management company apart from others in the area?

Our commitment to personalized service, advanced technology use, and staying abreast of industry trends distinguishes us in providing comprehensive and efficient property management.


Q: How long have you been in business?

Donna Golec took over ownership of Kendrick Property Management in 2014.

Q: What areas or types of properties do you specialize in managing?

We manage both rental properties and associations, with a recent expansion of services towards local homeowner associations.

Q: Do you have a 24/7 emergency maintenance line?

Yes, the emergency maintenance line is (413) 253-0285.

Q: How do you handle disputes between tenants or with property owners?

We act as mediators for communication between disputing tenants and property owners until it becomes a legal issue, at which point the matter is directed to appropriate legal outlets.

Q: How often do you review and adjust rental prices?

We review rent at the end of each year, ensuring our pricing remains competitive and reflective of market trends.

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