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Mountainview Condominium Trust

Mountain View Condominiums South Deerfield Massachusetts

Mountainview Condominiums comprises a distinguished complex featuring a total of 15 residential units strategically situated in the scenic locale of South Deerfield. The well-designed configuration includes four duplexes nestled along Boynton Road, complemented by an additional three duplexes and one single-family home along the charming Mill Village Road. This thoughtfully planned arrangement offers residents a diverse selection of living spaces, each embodying a unique blend of comfort and sophistication in the heart of this picturesque community.

Condo Association Information

Annual Meeting Minutes

2020 Annual Meeting (not held due to COVID-19)
Insurance Agent
For Master Insurance Policy documents/questions, please contact:
Borawski Insurance
88 King Street, Northampton, Ma 01060
(413) 586-5011


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