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Property Owner Management

  • Operations –

    • Provides a central location for collection of rents, phone calls, and maintenance requests.

    • Manage the check-in of new Tenants

      • Investigate & review potential tenants

      • Lease signing

      • Rules & regulations

      • Distribution of Keys

    • Inspect the premises at the end of the Lease.

    • Advertise the property for rentals.

    • Rental Permit renewals (Amherst Only)



  • Maintenance –

    • 24 hr. On-Call Service.

    • Surveillance of the common areas & exterior of the property on a quarterly basis (at a minimum).

    • To hire and discharge subcontractors & employees for ordinary repairs & maintenance.

    • Contact with owners to review & plan for the maintenance & capital improvements of the premise.


  • Financial –

    • Collect & Deposit Rent.

    • Pay bills.

    • Manage Last Month's Rent (LMR) and Security Deposit (SD) in accordance with MA law.

    • Distribute to the Owners on a monthly basis:

      • Reconciliation of Operating & Savings accounts

      • Balance Sheet

      • Income Statement

      • Cash Receipts

      • Cash Disbursements

    • Process Owner’s Draw as requested.

    • Process & issue appropriate Tax forms.

    • End of year, year-to-date consolidated Income Statement for Tax purposes.

    • Capital asset planning on a yearly basis.

    • Insurance renewals & revisions of policies.



Call Kendrick Property Management today for inquiries for Property Management, as well as Management Fee Quotes and our Maintenance Fees!



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