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Condominium Management Services

  • Operations –

    • Provide a central location for all calls, submission of condo fees, and maintenance personnel.

    • Support the required documentation for sale of units.

      • 6D – Confirms all Association Fees & Assessments have been paid.

      • Waiver of First Refusal (if required in By-laws)

      • Rules & Regulations

      • Issuance of Insurance Certificates

    • Maintain up to date Insurance as well as review of coverage and policies.

    • Arrange and attend Trustee and Owners’ Meetings.

    • Draft & issues Trustee and Owners’ Meeting Minutes (if applicable).

    • Compliance with all Commonwealth laws, including M.G.L.c. 183A, Section 6.

    • Assure compliance of Association Rules and Regulations, in consultation with the Board of Trustees.

    • Provide an online portal to Association Information.



  • Maintenance –

    • 24 hr. On-Call Service.

    • Surveillance of property on a weekly or biweekly basis.

    • To hire contractors and KPM maintenance employees for ordinary repairs and maintenance approved by Trustees.

    • Onsite Meetings with Trustees to reach maintenance goals.


  • Financials - 

    • Issue monthly statements or invoices to all unit owners.

    • Pursue delinquent accounts.

    • Review and pay all approved bills.

    • Reconcile Operating & Reserve accounts on a monthly basis.

    • Assist in yearly and long-term budget preparation.

    • Distribute Financials to the Trustees on a monthly basis including

      • Balance Sheet

      • Income Statement

      • Cash Receipts

      • Cash Disbursements

    • Process & issue appropriate Tax Forms for the association.

    • Capital asset planning on a yearly basis.



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