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What are KPM’s Available Properties?

For those looking to see what properties are available for rent, can check out our Rentals Page or our Facebook Page for our most up-to-date listings. Those looking to get their information to us so we can contact them when a unit does open up can email us at

How Is Property Damage to be Reported?

Currently, if owners or renters want to report property damage, there are three ways to do so. The first is to simply call our office and report the damage. A work order will be filled out and there will be a response to the query within 24 hours. Secondly, damage can be reported via email. The email address that should be used is and any photos of the damage should be attached as well. The third and newest way to report damage is through our Buildium Resident Center APP. There are multiple factors in determining who is responsible for the damage, however, for the quickest solution to any issues, please follow these steps.

Where to Send and How to Make Payments?

It can be a bit confusing to know who to send money to when working with a property management company, but here is what needs to be known. First, we accept all checks, cash, and money orders. We can also accept most ACH payments. The address where all payments should be sent or dropped off is 2 Bay Road, Suite 100, Hadley, MA 01035. 

When filling out a check or money order as a renter, make sure that it is made out to the owner of the property, not Kendrick Property Management. When filling out a payment for a condo association fee it should be made out to the condo association, not Kendrick Property Management. A good rule is, that unless told otherwise, checks are to be made out to the property owner or association.

NEW: Residents signed into our Buildium Resident APP will be able to make direct EFT payments through the app simplifying the payment experience.

TIP: when filling out automatic bill pay for a bank, it will likely ask for an account number. In this section, just write out your last name and the unit number for the unit.

Old School Condominiums Northampton Massachusetts

Is There Emergency or Criminal Activity Occurring at the Property/Association?

If there has been a crime committed or there is some type of emergency on the property, the property authorities should be called. We are not security, law enforcement, or medical service. We are equipped to deal with these situations, so please contact the emergency personnel who are.

NOTE: Destruction of common area items and even the vegetation that decorates the property is the destruction of property and warrants being reported to the police, especially in the midst of the act. Often, reporting this issue to us ends with less satisfactory results as what we can do is limited if a police report isn’t filed.

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