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Pomeroy Place Condominium


Condo Association Information

The Townhouses at Pomeroy Place stand as a testament to energy efficiency and sustainability in residential living, situated within the vibrant community of Northampton, MA. This innovative townhouse development is designed with a net-zero potential, integrating solar arrays to not only offset energy costs but also actively contribute to fostering a healthier local environment.

A significant milestone in the realization of this eco-conscious vision occurred in 2021, as PV Squared undertook the installation of roof-mounted solar arrays for Pomeroy Place. This strategic collaboration represents a commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources and underscores the development's dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint. The integration of solar technology aligns seamlessly with the project's overarching goal of providing residents with a forward-thinking and sustainable living option in the heart of Northampton.

Insurance Agent
For Master Insurance Policy documents/questions, please contact:

John M Glover Agency
PO Box 700, Norwalk, CT 06852
phone (413) 534-1500    fax (860) 760-8250
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