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Old School Commons Condominiums 是一棟三棟建築,共有 80 個單元,包括住宅和商業單元。

Old School Condominiums Northampton Massachusetts

The Old School Commons project encompasses the meticulous transformation of two educational institutions, namely the Hawley Elementary School and the D.A. Sullivan School, both situated in the vibrant locale of Northampton, MA. Primarily focused on interior enhancements, notable alterations include the introduction of new roof balconies on the Hawley Grammar School building and the establishment of a new accessible basement-level entrance in the D.A. Sullivan building.

Marked by its exemplary success, Old School Commons stands as a certified historic rehabilitation project that exemplifies adaptive reuse at its finest. The comprehensive renovations undertaken ensure full accessibility throughout all buildings, marking a significant achievement in modernizing these historic structures. The repurposed spaces now serve a diverse array of functions, including residential condominiums, work/live units, retail establishments, office spaces, and a dedicated Center for the Arts. This multifaceted approach to adaptive reuse underscores the project's commitment to preserving historical significance while fostering contemporary utility and community engagement.


88 King Street, Northampton, Ma 01060
(413) 586-5011
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